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Winfield (Larry) Buckman

July 25, 1947 - January 16, 2021

Larry Buckman.jpeg

“Larry pioneered new works with MINTS in Portugal, Spain, North Africa and Mozambique, and Far East  Asia. Always willing to travel Larry sought to promote the gospel wherever he went. His love and gospel character was evident to all.  

In Mozambique, he wanted to sleep on the floor with the students. He wanted to know them, know their needs and show his care. As he saw their needs, he was concerned to get Bibles to those who had none. He always wanted to find a way to get the gospel to as many as he could.  

In his last days, he focused on video recording, to get the word out to the world, and his seal is imprinted on every MINTS video online. We are grateful to God for meeting our brother, for his enthusiasm, his skill  with languages and technology, and for meeting his wonderful family.”                                                                                                                                     

Neal Hegeman - Vice President of Academic Affairs

“Larry Buckman went to glory and we now pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful life and missionary service of our dear friend. One of the last tasks Larry did was to put the video of our Isaiah course on YouTube (see


God's people in Honduras (where I first met Larry), Brazil,  Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, throughout Africa and all over North America will join us in thanking the LORD for his faithful servant. We remember, Faye, his beloved wife, and their children, in  this time of grieving." 

Julian Zugg - Provost

 “My words fail me, but my heart does not. Larry has received the culmination for which he labored and sought to introduce countless others too. The words "he will be missed" hardly have any weight when we consider what he has done and brought to life in so many other people’s lives. He was a great friend to all of us, an amazing visionary and innovator, faithful in all things, and a dedicated self-sacrificing servant of the kingdom. I am honored and truly humbled, to have been in his company. I wish I had some of his abilities, more of his compassion, a portion of his vision. I want to say to heaven, “I want him back” but I  know that is not going to happen, and it wouldn't be fair to him, and we envy his insider’s view of heaven. We honor him and his amazing life today. I first met him in the jungles of Ecuador on an 8-hour canoe ride where I had taken a group to build and minister. We traveled up and down the rivers addressing the needs of the people, and I remember well a conversation with a village chief on polygamy as the chief had 8 wives. Larry was fearless, but fearless in care and compassion. As soon as I  could I knew I wanted him to join MINTS.”                                Greg Hauenstein - President

"Larry was born n Brazil to a missionary family. His parents served among the indigenous peoples in  Colombia. Larry continued that work there as well as in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Larry worked in the communications department of radio station HCJB in Ecuador. He served with Samaritan’s Purse in  Honduras, working with pastors in disaster areas. He promoted the Charles Stanley program. Larry joined the MINTS team through his contacts in Brazil. He headed up the orality training program and developed our video program. He was scheduled to return to Brazil in January, but instead, the LORD  took him home to the new Jerusalem. 

Literally, thousands of disciples will follow Larry's mentoring and footsteps on earth. This includes all his family members who are committed to ministry and missions. Ben and his family minister in Brazil.  Nathan and most of his family had moved to Lakeland to study ministry, under Larry's supervision, using the MINTS method.

We say 'Goodbye' but not forever. That is the eternal hope of the believer. We continue with one of the  last prayers I heard Larry say from his hospital bed, "My heart breaks because there are so many people  here that “do not know Jesus."  "I will sing.' He sang one of his favorite hymns. Now Larry is singing and  praising forever.” “I remember meeting Larry for the first time providentially on a flight to Miami while we were both traveling to different Latin American countries. We ended up sitting next to each other and we had a great deal of ministry in common. After our lengthy discussions in flight, I ended up following up with his ministry to the indigenous Miskito people in Honduras and Nicaragua. It seems there was hardly any place that Larry hadn’t ministered. He was with APOYO in those  days and soon joined with MINTS.”

Eric Penning - International Dean

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