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MINTS Accreditation

In the United States, accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of review and evaluation to assure that schools, educational institutions, and the program meets or exceeds the industry standard. The accrediting bodies are private groups that agree on common standards between them. The accreditation process requires an educational institution or program to meet certain defined standards or criteria as set forth by the accrediting body. 

CHEA Council for Higher Education Accreditation


MINTS uses the academic standards and practices required by the main CHEA accrediting organizations and has incorporated them as our educational standards even though we are not registered with CHEA. MINTS is not accredited by the US Government (CHEA) recognized accrediting companies, as CHEA requires 50%of students must be based in the United States. Almost all MINTS students are outside of the United States. In addition, a CHEA accreditation would increase the students' costs without increasing the quality of the education


MINTS is a unique global theological Education Institution, and the MINTS model fit in with any of the US based Seminary models. Although MINTS standards meet or exceed most all these non-governmental models our missionary seminary model does not fit the normal US accreditation requirements which include the need to invest in buildings, fixed libraries, and that all students must spend time in the USA. 


With over 4500 students, MINTS is one of the largest seminaries in North America and the world. Our aim is to train men for excellence in church leadership and the true test of our training is our own graduates and their contribution to the church of Christ. Our graduates are our best accreditation. 


A MINTS degree does not qualify you to be a minister. We do not ordain men for the ministry. We educate men to be better ministers and church leaders. 

Will my Degree be Accepted in other Educational institutions, in the Church, or in the workplace?
MINTS trains men for church leadership, and so we cannot promise a local employer will accept the degree. If you are seeking a MINTS degree for specific licensing, employment, or additional educational purposes, we advise you to first check with the association, governmental agency, employer, or specific educational institution to determine the acceptability of the program. MINTS students desire to use their degrees to gain better employment they must contact the potential employer to see if it will assist. We cannot guarantee that acceptability of transfer credits to any public or private educational institution.

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