MINTS International Seminary, founded in 2000 in Miami, FL, exists to establish nationally owned and operated Study Centers throughout the world. Currently there are over 510 of these study centers/schools in 68 countries in multiple languages with over 13,000 students in degree programs. We offer these degree programs – Certificate, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, and for those who want to use their education for others the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy. All degrees are in Theological Studies. To date there are over 3,035 graduates serving churches and ministries.

MINTS encourages a “school without walls” approach where classes are held in churches, parks, home, and restaurants in the communities where the people live. We advocate taking the education to the people by having the professors go and establish new schools in an ever expanding circle of communities rather than 1 central location. MINTS provides curriculum, academic standards, administrative software, and training to the growing locally owned and operated schools. MINTS partners with national believers to start these schools with the understanding that they will multiply regionally. As MINTS we¬† do not charge for anything we do but the local centers can charge a small regionally-appropriate tuition to help sustain their center and to help them plant new ones.

All MINTS personnel raise their own support to be involved in this worldwide training ministry.

MINTS is registered with Florida’s Counsel on Independent Education, CIE, and authorized to grant religious degrees.