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The Master of Theological Studies is open to students with a qualifying BA in any discipline. The MATS is a 60 academic hours program in by completing 57 academic credits in Bible, Theology, Ministerial, History/Missions, Humanities and Electives, and one 3 credit hour MATS thesis.

  1. Bible 5 courses (15 credits)

  2. Theology 5 courses (15 credits)

  3. Ministerial Studies 4 courses (12 credits)

  4. History/Missions 4 courses (12 credits)

  5. Humanities 1courses (3 credits)

  6. MATS Thesis 1 course (3 credits)

All students will write a thesis consisting of a commentary on a book of the Bible of approximately 75 pages. Each nation has its program 66. The choosing of one's Bible book is coordinated with a master list that is available by writing to the International Academic Dean. The thesis can count as a Bible course or a humanity course.

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